Selling a home is likely one of the largest financial transactions you’ll experience in your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult or stressful.  

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We know you have questions. Lots of questions.

 Our expert advice, guidance and one-on-one attention can make the sale of your home a seamless process. We understand the complexities of current market conditions and market forecasts. We know how to perform a detailed pricing analysis and give appropriate value to all the things that make your home one of a kind. We are greatly experienced in marketing, contracts, negotiations and getting to the closing table.

 We are here to guide you every step of the way. Never any pressure. Just results.

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the process

from the first visit to closing

The first step in the process is to schedule an in-depth assessment of your home. During this time, we want to learn as much as possible. What do you love about your home? What makes your home unique? What updates and upgrades have you completed? What needs to be done prior to listing? What are your goals in selling? We want to give you, and your home, the time and attention it deserves from day one. Choosing the right price for your property is critical to your success in selling. Our expert pricing analysis is quite possibly the single most important part of the selling process.

step one

seller 101 & pricing analysis

This is where our years of marketing & sales education and experience really shines. Our aggressive and innovative marketing plans are specifically designed to maximize the exposure your property gets to potential buyers. It’s a simple fact that maximum exposure for your property leads to the highest selling price in the quickest amount of time. We will combine traditional methods with innovative strategies, including professional photography, videography and extensive web and social media campaigns.

step two

it's showtime: marketing

Once your property has attracted a buyer or multiple buyers, we will walk you through negotiating the purchase offer. Not only will we negotiate the final sale price together, but we will also consider other important contingencies such as financing, closing costs, home inspection and appraisal. Following our acceptance of an offer, we will carefully guide you through every step of the 30-60 days leading to the closing table.

step three

offers, negotiations & closing

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