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March 13, 2014

Downtown Orlando

You have heard it before…in real estate, its all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  Our “location” in Central Florida does not only contribute to growing property values, but also to our quality of life as residents.

This week, I attended a great luncheon presented by the Women’s Council of Realtors.  The guest speaker was Jacob Stuart, President of the Central Florida Partnership.  Jacob shared with us TEN very exciting points which will all contribute to the future growth and prosperity of our hometown!  The future is looking BRIGHT for Central Florida!

  1. Orlando International Airport…as one of the top airports in the world, DID YOU KNOW that we boast the MOST outgoing direct flights of any airport in the United States?
  2. Port Canaveral…is expanding and DID YOU KNOW it is already the SECOND (2nd) largest port in the entire WORLD?  Amazing!
  3. Kennedy Space Center…although the future is somewhat uncertain for the Space Florida program, we can be assured that something great will become of the Space Coast area!
  4. University of Central Florida…DID YOU KNOW it is now the SECOND (2nd) largest university in the United States?  The University of Central Florida is growing and expanding every day…GO KNIGHTS!
  5. Medical City…including Nemours, VA Hospital, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, University of Central Florida Medical School.  DID YOU KNOW Medical City is estimated to bring over 75,000 jobs to the Central Florida area, most of which will be over TWO TIMES the average salary pay for Orange County?
  6. SunRail & I-4 Expansion…Central Florida is committed to the growing need for transit oriented development.  What does this mean for us?  DID YOU KNOW…Coming May 1st, the SunRail will begin servicing 13 stops.  At the end of 2014, construction will begin on I4 to bring a 21-mile high-speed commuter lane – yes, with tolls…but who wouldn’t pay to avoid traffic?  This project, estimated at 2.5 billion dollars, will take 5-7 years and will be the largest and most expensive highway project to date for Central Florida.
  7. Project Hometown…including the Amway Center, Dr. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center, Florida Citrus Bowl.  There are so many exciting large-scale projects in progress in Central Florida…you cannot help but FEEL the promise and potential for future growth and development.  The Dr. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center will be opening its doors in November 2014 and the new Florida Citrus Bowl will be ready for the next bowl game in January 2015.
  8. Convention Center, Travel & Tourism…all, and I mean ALL, of our theme parks are expanding and experiencing tremendous growth, including huge current and future-planned projects at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando.  Orlando remains as one of the TOP tourist destinations in the world.  Our Convention Center is the SECOND (2nd) largest and most visited in the world, only second to the Chicago-McCormick Convention Center.  DID YOU KNOW…even Las Vegas lags behind Orlando as the MOST VISITED Convention City in the US?
  9. Regional Cooperation…Mr. Stuart boasted about the future potential of cooperation between our neighbor, Tampa Bay.  DID YOU KNOW…Florida Polytechnic University, Florida’s FIRST polytechnic university is currently building between Tampa & Orlando?  This is one of the first large-scale projects that will bridge the gap between the Orlando area & Tampa…and there are more to come!
  10. Cultivation of the Creative Class…including entrepreneurism, gathering places, center cities and corridors.  I can say that, without a doubt, one of the most encouraging and exciting things to see and experience in and around Central Florida is the REBIRTH of our small towns…and with it, the growth and expansion of our small businesses.  Watching historic downtown areas, such as my hometown Winter Garden, Mount Dora, DeLand and MORE grow into the new “hot” places to visit, eat and shop is so exciting!  In addition, we are investing in new and emerging ART DISTRICTS, including both the written, performing and visual arts.  Let’s continue to support our local small businesses, which will only add to the tremendous growth and prosperity of our area and the residents in it.

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