Finding and Hiring a Qualified Orlando Real Estate Agent

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July 21, 2013

Are you looking to purchase or sell a home and searching for the top Orlando Real Estate Agent?

Orlando Real EstateAs you probably have found there are a lot of Real Estate Agents in Orlando and finding one can be difficult.

Many of us take the route of asking our friends on whom they have worked with. Referrals are definitely where you will find the best realtor, but sometimes they can be misleading as they simply can be close friends.

But with this simple Checklist, you can see for yourself if they are a good Realtor.

Finding an Orlando Real Estate Agent:


Do they have a website?

Your average realtor typically gets a predominant amount of his/her listings from referrals. Many expend a majority of their time networking and trying to meet new clients through friends/family and contacts.

Many of them neglect to have a website, but having a website allows you as a potential customer to see what type of experience previous clients have gotten. It also allows you at a quick glimpse to see how many years they have been selling business and what they may have. Realtor websites can really tell you a lot about what areas they services along with how they differentiate from other agents in your area.

How respected is the Agent?

You want an agent that will network and work cooperatively with other agents especially in the community your are wanting to call your future home. Seasoned agents tend to know the other agents in the area and have good working relationships with them. This tends to transform into good transactions especially when it comes down to negotiating for a property.

Are they a Local Market Expert?

There are real estate agents who specialize in working within a specific community( i.e Winter Park, Winter Garden, Windermere, Downtown Orlando, College Park). Even if you have a real estate agent that you like, you might be best served by a real estate agent who knows the area well, and can advise you about any adverse local market conditions that an outsider might not be aware of. Feel free to test the waters by asking what are the best communities in the area and different local area facts that might identify if they are knowledgeable about the area.

Does your Agent live locally?

An agent that lives and works locally will have their finger on the pulse of the market and be able to answer important questions about the community. They should at a minimum know the schools where they work. This is especially important in large cities.

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