My New Best Friend…DocuSign!

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July 17, 2013

Any of my recent customers will tell you…I am a huge fan of the DocuSign Ink app.  This app is available on your iOS Apple products through the App Store, Windows 8 through the Windows Store and on Android devices through Google Play…and it is FREE!  DocuSign has simplified life for both realtors and customers in so many ways.  I encourage all of my customers to download the app if they have a device that allows it, as this gives you the ability to sign all the necessary documents for the real estate transaction on the device.  You simply click the document, open the document in the DocuSign app, choose where to place your signature or initials, add the date (if needed)…and email back to me.  Gone are the days of printing pages and pages of documents, signing and then trying to scan page by page.

I have had customers who closed on their homes months ago email or text me to say, “Still using that DocuSign App…THANK YOU!”  or “Used DocuSign yesterday to sign off on new car insurance paperwork…love it!”

I know you will love it too…check back on Friday for a video tutorial on how to use the program.

Tara Moore, REALTOR


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