13 OFFERS?! Making Your Offer Competitive in this Market

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October 20, 2013

Competitive OfferI can’t lie to you.  Current market conditions can be extremely frustrating and disheartening for home buyers especially in Orlando Florida.

Current inventory is historically low, so it is difficult enough to find a home in your price range that you like…then, when you make an offer…you are most likely competing against multiple other offers IF it is still available.

I recently listed a home that received 18 offers in one day in Winter Garden Florida which is in the Heart of Orlando…so this is no joke.  However, through the process of sorting through all 18 offers, I learned a lot about what makes an offer stand out amongst the rest.

It is my goal to assist you in writing the STRONGEST offer possible, which doesn’t always mean the HIGHEST OFFER PRICE.

Here are the main points that I review with my buyers when writing a competitive offer:

1.  AS-IS Contract vs. Standard

2.  Purchase Price

3.  Escrow Deposit

4.  Cash or Financed

5.  If financed, what are the financing terms?

6.  Closing Date

7.  Inspection Period

8.  Appraisal Terms

When you are working with me to purchase or sell a home, I will go through these eight items in great detail and assist you in deciding what the best choices are for you, as it is always my goal to educate you during this process.  What is right for one buyer or seller will not necessarily be right for another…every real estate transaction is different.

Don’t let your real estate agent write you a “generic” contract.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions…I’m happy to help in any way!

Tara Moore, REALTOR




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